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Do you want to feel more energetic, to focus on your goals, objectives and targets, have more hours in your day and reduce your organization’s costs? Then talk to Timeless Courier right now!

  • Increase and focus all your time and energy to concentrate on your organization’s core business
  • Faster delivery:
  • Reliable service: we are always there when you need us; we get it done properly and on schedule.
  • Expert Service: we are the experts, you can count on us to get it home and dry
  • We deliver each and every item exactly as you desire
  • Eliminate costs of buying maintaining insuring fuelling and cleaning vehicles and motor cycles
  • Drive up your net profit by driving down your costs.
  • Outsourcing is the new way of doing business
  • We offer vehicle delivery services using our well maintained fleet for carrying bulky loads and heavy equipment at very competitive rates.
  • We pay statutory bills , collect and bank cheques on your behalf.
  • We deliver mail, magazines, newspapers, promotional material, statements, event invitations and any other documents within Nairobi and its environs.
  • 100% of them are delivered within 24 hours, most of them within the same working day.
  • We are available whenever you need us.
  • Our delivery service is secure, confidential and reliable.
Why Us?
  • We pride ourselves in the highest customer service standards and flexibility. To us, quality is defined by you.
  • All our products are fully customizable according to your needs and we are dedicated to ensuring you get total satisfaction.
  • This is our area of excellence, our uniqueness; it’s what sets us apart from the rest of the pack.
  • You will also have our office telephone number and the full contacts of the person in charge.
  • Our office will keep in constant communication to find out whether everything is working to your satisfaction.
  • We have the best rates in the market.

Service Options

  • ...We have worked with Timeless Courier Limited for over 3 years in which period they have provided us courier services. The company has always delivered on time and has never failed us. We therefore recommend them to you for any courier services…

    Victor Joseph, C.E.O Design One Limited

  • ...We write to confirm that Timeless Courier Services Ltd is our supplier in courier services for all our operations. They are highly professional and efficient in their service delivery. We therefore recommend them for any business consideration..

    Carolyn Mugambi, Administration Cordinator

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